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Have you ever thought that how much pollution you are spreading while you are on a search for�rentals?�And I can bet that no one ever might have thought about this.
But I can say that we have thought about it. We at��are thinking about it and we are revolving our business around it. We have one simple way to make it online to help others and protect our environment for our child. Because I do not think that there is any business without Internet.

engineersRentalAdda wants to make it to the next level. From different reading we came to know that average Indian spends 1.5 liters of petrol /day for their�rental house. 1 liter petrol gives 2.331 Kgs of CO2 in our environment. And to settle down they take 40 days. This is 139.86 kgs of carbon from you.

RentalAdda promises to decrease this by 75% to make our environment better for healthy living. We think that our step is noble and innovative to our society and our responsibility. RentalAdda provides all�rental service�for your use in all fields, whether in residential area, commercial area or any other thing for daily use.

We will also take care of your all rental services like computers, furniture's and other daily use things. Users can also see the pictures and then they can decide whether to go for the property or not. This is having a simple logic from that customers can decide and think before they go there.
So you can know that what to find or expect there. It will help you reduce the trip and your time; we call it hassle free rental service for our customers. Here we are expecting some favor from house owners also and appealing them to upload the original view of their property, so before making the costly trip user can make their mind that what they are getting and what they have to do whether to go or not, and this property is suitable for their use or not.

When I first came to Hyderabad I was also looking for the same thing so I can save my time to go there and return empty handed. And we all know that all properties with their picture and well description sells faster, because customers can decide and go for it quickly according to their need.
And we are planning to launch this service PAN INDIA to help our environment and save the best gift for our future generation. We have recently started our service in Bangalore and Chennai from 24/Jan/2012 and we hope that we will be successful toward our aim to make a better future.

It is a wow factor. If you all will also think little bit for your�rental service and to get rental property�then that will be really helpful as we know that one simple man can't do all everyone needs help from society. In return we are also promising you that we will help you get your entire requirement in few clicks, so you also co-operate with us and give us a chance to help our society and our future.

RentalAdda provides you all the information and every detail for you, so that you can�rent your property�suitable for you and your family. If you have any queries about wherever and how to use Programmers Language, you can get in touch with us at our web-page. And at the end we all know that everything comes for a price because we also need some fund to do this and to sustain in this competitive market to make future better.

For this RentalAdda charges one small amount not from customers but from owner's and in return promises lifetime service for the house owner, so they can post their property next time when it get vacant. This charge is nothing in return of a lifetime service for them.

We are spreading awareness to use our service and take the advantage from us. We are also generating money for our organization from advertisement and co-sponsorship. Currently we have 300+ customers registered and 10+ sponsors and we are hoping some more to help our organization and its revolutionary thought.
Nowadays everyone is busy talking about global warming and to make the environment clean and green;�RentalAdda�has started its business in an unique way to help. We have the idea that what re-location can cause, here we are with a new and unique way and thought.

I think you all will also come up with some unique ideas to make better future and at last hoping for co-operation from our society. Thanks. If you think we are doing best, so join us to make a difference and to show the world that what we can do.

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