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Some well known signs of a cheating boyfriend to look out for are: his inability to look directly at you when he answers, and the opposite of that can be a sign of evasion as well, which is starting intently at you as he speaks.�
You will have to use your own knowledge of your boyfriend in drawing any conclusions from this test.
Obviously you will have to drop this question on him when he least expects it, and without any prior warning of your suspicions. You can also look for unusual behaviour from him for some time after you ask him this question. If he has a conscience, he will feel uncomfortable about withholding the truth from xxxsex you.

free porn tubeAgain, you know him best, so look out for any behaviour that is not typical of him.
There are other signs to look out for, such as his wanting to answer phone calls without you hearing what is said. If he does this with everyone who phones him, then this test does not apply. If you ask him who called, does he seem comfortable telling you straight away, or does he have to think about his answer first, which should raise the red flag.

It is best not to be too hasty in coming to any conclusions, and do not let your emotions take over, if you strongly suspect he is cheating on you. Making him angry will not solve anything, especially if you find out later that he is not cheating.

How confident are you that he is cheating anyway, and what evidence do you have to suspect he is cheating? Does the information come from you, or has it come via someone else.

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